October 16, 2017

Coming Soon – Chrome’s “Not Secure” Warning


Starting in mid-October, Chrome 62 will start to show a “not secure” warning when users enter text in form fields on sites that do not have SSL certificates. Squires & Company has recommended that each of our clients purchase SSL certificates in order to avoid this warning, which can disengage site users and reduce trust levels of customers or investors. 

This move by Google is part of a long-standing strategy to push towards a more secure, encrypted internet. Security messages like this one make websites harder to spoof, and phishing schemes harder to execute. Eventually, Google has stated that as more and more sites adopt HTTPS, the warnings will become even more apparent, with color changes and other cues to quickly alert users entering data into an insecure form. Firefox already launched similar functionality and other browsers will likely follow suit now that Chrome will display these warnings.

We are actively working with each of our clients to implement SSL certificates and make the switch to HTTPS, and are happy to discuss any questions or online security concerns with our clients.

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