Case Study

Dallas Museum of Art



Squires & Company has long been an advocate of the Dallas Arts District, but had not had the good fortune to work with the Dallas Museum of Art until 2013. After a series of conversations, Squires was selected to help design the catalogue for the Alexandre Hogue exhibit which would run from February – June 2014. Alexandre Hogue was an American artist active during the 1930s – 1960s whose paintings depicted the decline of the Midwestern and Southwestern landscapes during the Dust Bowl era. The exhibit would feature works from his Erosion Series. The corresponding 64-page catalogue, for sale in the DMA store, would feature various essays by notable art historians along with the paintings featured in the exhibit.



Designing a catalogue for an iconic American painter is a different challenge than most publication, brochure or editorial layout design. For one, the artist’s work should always be the central focus and the design should be supplemental. The layout design for the catalogue was kept very minimal, respectful and largely typographic. Squires worked with exhibit curator Sue Canterbury to ensure that the color reproduction in the catalogue matched the painting in the exhibit as closely as possible.

The DMA was so pleased with the catalogue design, they invited us to work on the exhibit design to ensure the catalogue and exhibit would have a cohesive presentation. The design of the exhibit included vinyl typographic panels, didactic panels, display cases, object labels for each of the paintings, reproductions of vintage magazine covers and large reproductions of artwork that were not featured in the exhibit.



On February 16, 2014 the exhibit opened to the general public. The exhibit received a multitude of visitors throughout its four month run and the catalogue sales met expected projections. Squires & Company was elated to partner with the DMA to bring this exhibit to life and looks forward to many more collaborations in the near future.