Case Study

Domtar: Paper Every Day



In recent years, Domtar has been a champion of paper, especially how it has become part our heritage and human history. Think about all of the milestones in your life that are documented on paper–marriages, graduations, photo albums, titles, and family trees, to name just a few. All of this ephemera is saved, cherished and passed down from generation to generation. In a single day, we interact with paper hundreds of times. “Paper Every Day” is a promotional brochure that captures many of these interactions and recounts their value. The piece also references Domtar’s PaperBecause campaign which also seeks to cement paper’s status as the primary vehicle by which we communicate, share, and document our stories.



To bring this promotion to life, Squires & Company collected hundreds of pieces of paper ephemera–from vintage photos to match books and everything in between. We decided that this piece would feature a desktop style of photography and worked with Adam Fish, a local Dallas photographer, to bring that look to vivid life. Meticulously art-directed shots fill the brochure painting a striking portrait of those life moments where paper is inextricably part of the experience. The brochure also features a number of inserts that support the story. These range from letterhead to a blank family tree that you can fill in. Each page presents something new to discover and challenges the reader to interact and be part of the experience. The brochure also features great uses for both the white and the natural grade of the paper which, in combination, gives it a warm and timeless character.



Typically, paper promotions are used to show off the paper’s utility, but this promotional piece shows and tells. Sometimes, Squires & Company just taps into a need before our client even recognizes there is one. For instance, this piece literally fell out of a presentation we did for another promotion, Live On Cougar. The direction on the table was so compelling that Domtar greenlit Paper Every Day as it’s own standalone promotion. That marks one of the ways Squires & Company goes above and beyond when we present ideas. The final brochure is an outstanding promotion and creates a compelling dialogue between the paper company and their audience.