Case Study

Frisco EDC

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The city of Frisco is situated just 25 minutes north of Dallas and is one of the fastest growing communities in Texas and the 12th fastest growing city in the nation (U.S. Census Bureau). Its robust business infrastructure supports a very healthy local economy with new corporations calling Frisco home every day. Beyond business, the quality of life in Frisco is extraordinary and has ranked the city as one of the top places to live in the United States in several prestigious publications. Squires & Company was brought in to help support the economic development corporation’s efforts to attract the attention of large corporations through a well-crafted series of collateral, advertising, direct mail and exhibit design.



To find a way to feature the city’s numerous strengths, Squires & Company developed a campaign that would place the prospective corporate decision maker in the position of already being situated in Frisco and what that would mean for their business. The resulting concept, You Are Here could then expand on the city’s best attributes like location, education system, business infrastructure, progressive incentives and tax breaks, thriving economy, and arts and culture. The marketing brochure design is minimal and bolstered by stunning printing and finishing techniques. The brochure also features a capacity pocket folder allowing us to design supplemental materials like maps and sales sheets to be enclosed as needed. The ad series we created utilized different “You are…” statements strategically in media placements where they would have the greatest impact. For Inc 500|5000, a large trade show featuring some of America’s fastest growing companies, Squires designed a dynamic booth experience that featured a giant backdrop, custom panels, motion graphics and designated meeting areas. To generate interest and drive traffic to the booth, Squires also created a die-cut invitation that was placed in the attendees’ hotel rooms. The campaign also included email blasts, digital ads, sales sheets and a mobile site.


Squires & Company’s successful branding and marketing efforts have established a brand and overall marketing image for FEDC that sets them apart from other EDCs that have no, or very basic, marketing materials. Throughout the campaign, several high-profile corporations have scheduled site visits and many companies have chosen to relocate their headquarters to Frisco, Texas.