Case Study

XenatiX Branding, Website & UX Framework


XenatiX, a joint-venture with Metrocare Services, is Dallas-based software development company with a focus on electronic health record (EHR) systems for the mental/behavioral health community. The company was founded in 2014 after an RFP from Metrocare was not able to return a proposal that met all of its requests. Metrocare’s CIO, Terry Price, saw a need that wasn’t being met by any existing product and decided to provide the solution. A plan was put in place that meant buying the source code of a product that met 80% of the needs and then establishing a software company to develop the rest of the product – that company became XenatiX. Once XenatiX further established the expectations of this new platform, it was decided that the software needed to be built from the ground up – a fully customized system that would not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the future end users and allow them to increase their productivity exponentially.

Squires & Company, having a long history with Metrocare, was brought in to brand the company, design and develop the company’s website and blog, and establish the new user experience for their electronic health records (EHR) application. XenatiX primarily wanted the brand to symbolize the level of innovation they were bringing to the EHR space, and wanted the EHR application to be slick, simple, intuitive and purposeful. Also, XenatiX wanted their branding and marketing to attract the top industry minds and talent, so there was an early emphasis placed on crafting a look that was contemporary and engaging.


Beginning with the logo design, Squires & Company set out to symbolize the convergence of the technology space and healthcare community. The color palette was designed to be eye catching and to really pop off of both dark and light backgrounds.

Beyond the logo, we began designing the corporate business cards and website presence, the latter of which would need to be high-level to keep the details of the EHR platform vague. The site carried forward the clean and modern technology aesthetic established by the logo and early branding. For inspiration, Squires & Company looked beyond healthcare examples and into tech startups.

The simplicity of the design would inform how we approached the development of the user experience framework for the EHR platform that the XenatiX team would ultimately develop. With our design team and development team working in lock step, we began to devise a framework from which XenatiX would extrapolate and build upon. This meant thinking about the design from a modular approach and creating widgets that the XenatiX team could further define as their need arose.


Essentially, XenatiX is bringing to the EHR marketplace the first streamlined and intuitive EHR software ever developed. Thanks to the close integration of the Squires and XenatiX development teams the user experience framework was adopted and integrated quickly into the platform.  The platform is currently in beta with more implementations scheduled for this year. Terry Price has been previewing the application and speaking to the ways in which this application will be a game changer within the electronic health records space. He’s definitely got people’s ears and it looks like the vision for XenatiX is quickly becoming a reality.