Case Study

Spencer + Company



Spencer + Company is a commercial interiors firm located in Dallas, Texas. For more than 40 years, Spencer has provided comprehensive workplace services including design, planning, project management, furniture procurement, installation, maintenance and specialty construction.

Prior to engaging us, Spencer’s marketing efforts and visibility had become burdened by an outdated identity and a lack of a cohesive brand narrative and positioning strategy. Their internal marketing team approached us needing assistance with a comprehensive rebrand which encompassed a new brand narrative, an updated visual identity and brand presence, a formalized design process, and a new strategy to increase engagement across multiple channels and touchpoints.



We began our partnership with Spencer by conducting thorough discovery sessions with key members of their sales, marketing and management teams. We complimented the insights gained in those initial meetings with additional industry and competitor audits and research into industrial organizational psychology, and the concepts of placemaking and talent capitalization. Through these efforts we realized that to avoid the commoditization of their business process and create a truly unique position, they needed to focus less on the tangible element of their business that could be easily replicated by competitors, and focus more on their intangible attributes—their design perspective, their understanding of complex workplace dynamics, and the ever-changing nature of the modern workplace—that when applied to their product offerings and services would give them the brand positioning they needed.

We crafted a narrative around Spencer’s belief in the transformative power of place; the idea that through thoughtful design and careful consideration, a workplace has the ability to dramatically affect the dynamic of a company; increasing employee engagement, productivity and profitability. This new perspective positioned Spencer not as a company that simply sold furniture to fill spaces, but as professionals that help their clients define places—places that nurture and inspire, places that function and evolve, places that feel less like an office and more like a destination, where culture drives performance, creativity and collaboration lead to innovation, and where a company’s objectives are balanced with the well-being of its employees.

We leveraged the brand narrative and positioning to inform the company renaming, a simple change from The Spencer Company to Spencer + Company, but one that reflected the collaborative and inclusive nature of the new messaging. We then redesigned the logo focusing on the creation of a mark the encapsulated the ideas of openness, transformation, human interaction and movement through space.

Once the messaging and identity were established, we created a brand book that presented the new brand to employees, and partnered with Splendor Films to create a sizzle video that captured Spencer’s process and showroom experience, and featured testimonials from clients and industry professionals.

To create the website, we again audited the competitive space and developed a framework that balanced a focus on lead generation/conversion with a modern, professional and user-friendly experience. We leveraged SEMRush to review relevant keywords and evaluate their performance and average CPCs on peer sites. Relevant keywords were integrated to improve search results and maximize visibility. We utilized passive video, image animations and graphic components from the new identity to further expand on the established visual language. The site was built using WordPress CMS with an intuitive back-end allowing the team at Spencer to feel comfortable interacting with, and adding to, the existing site structure.



Our holistic approach to Spencer + Company’s repositioning, and the comprehensive branding and design services we provided resulted in a cohesive, professional and industry-leading marketing presence. Through our collaboration with Spencer, we were able to provide their internal sales and marketing teams with the clarity and resources they needed to confidently navigate the sales, design and implementation processes and elevate their level of engagement and the value they provide. We continue to support their marketing efforts and work to improve their digital presence and online lead generation through site updates and SEO services.