Case Study

Osseus Website & Collateral


Osseus is Dallas-based medical device company specializing in spinal fusion products. Their flagship product, the Black Diamond Pedicle Screw System, is a trailblazing spinal fixation system technology. Their vision as a company is to be recognized in the medical device sector for their innovation and continue developing a portfolio of new product offerings. Squires & Company was challenged to extend this vision into their corporate branding and establish a professional, technical, and innovative aesthetic for Osseus throughout a suite of collateral and their public website. Continuity was paramount, as was the development of visual system that could elevate the perception of this emerging company to that of a more established player.


Our approach began by trying to highlight one of the most unique attributes of the company’s products–their color. Typically, medical products are not known to be particularly colorful or eye catching, but Osseus created a system of products that feature beautiful neon and pastel shades. Beyond their beauty, the color actually aids the surgeon by making them visually easier to distinguish during the surgical process. In approaching the various pieces, we wanted to find a way to make those colors a major element of the design aesthetic.


Beginning with the website, Squires used black as a dominant color to allow the products, and their colors, to take center stage. The site experience was kept visually simple and uncluttered allowing the photography and renderings to pop forward. The homepage of the website introduces custom animations that reveal the company’s core values as you scroll through. Throughout the website, there are also image vignettes that transition from wireframe to final product rendering which is meant to kind of showcase the technical aspects of the products and speak to the process of realization they undergo. These details all work in tandem to create an engaging experience that encourages discovery. Developed on the bootstrap platform and WordPress content management system, Squires was able to rapidly develop a site that was both beautiful and worked seamlessly across every device type.


We carried that look into a series of digital product brochures which could be downloaded from the website and act as a technical overview of the products and their specifications. Each of the product lines, Black Diamond, White Pearl, Red Ruby and Blue Topaz were all treated with custom icons to help them feel more like a systematic family.
As part of the larger branding effort, Squires will also debut a series of printed pieces that will be used to introduce and promote the company to a select audience of the best spinal surgeons in the country.


Osseus continues to roll out the new materials and generate interest in the medical device space and Squires & Company will be there as they grow and evolve. Osseus has been positioned as an Apple-like innovator within their industry and their visual identity gives them a well-established and professional look that will carry them into the future