Case Study

Xerox Paper Website



Domtar, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of paper in North America, acquired Xerox’s paper and print media products business in the U.S. and Canada in 2013. Xerox’s Paper and Specialty Media Line has long set the standard for performance in everyday, professional and production printing. From multipurpose printer papers to digital printing and speciality media, the entire line is now designed by Domtar and qualified by Xerox engineers to ensure optimal performance.

Following the acquisition, Domtar needed to effectively market Xerox paper online. Having successfully partnered with Squires & Company to design and develop upwards of 10 unique web experiences in the past, the Domtar team called on Squires to create a robust website for Xerox papers that applied Xerox’s brand standards, effectively organized and presented the broad product line, introduced a tool to find the right paper based on past brands and project types, provided procurement information, and presented a thorough resources library with in-document search functionality.



Squires & Company partnered with Domtar to thoughtfully provide a site architecture that was easily navigable and reduced user clicks as much as possible for such a broad product offering. Once approved, our design team spent ample time familiarizing themselves with the Xerox brand standards, which clearly articulated how the Xerox brand should be applied on the web. Design concepts were presented, and took into account user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Additional templates were provided for the selected concept, to ensure that all unique content areas of the site had a design treatment applied to them before development began.

The site was developed using ASP.NET and Bootstrap using Kentico CMS. While the finished version of the site appears simple in terms of navigation and ease of use, the back end is fairly complex. Domtar provided Squires & Company with a database of hundreds of products, and Squires & Company leveraged the database to feed content into the product pages, with database entries grouped together by product category and line. The site contains hundreds of resource documents including templates, product information guides and technical overview sheets. These are organized in a Resources section of the site but also feed into relevant product pages so that the user can easily locate all materials relevant to a specific product. The site also includes a tool for users to locate the current product offering for a brand name that they purchased in the past, as well as product search capabilities based on a certain type of project (i.e. banners, direct mail, etc.). The entire site is searchable, including PDFs, and the site is also available in French.

Kentico CMS makes site updates, product updates and document updates easy to achieve, and provides order to the mass amount of product information on the backend.



The Xerox Paper and Specialty Media site provides Domtar with a successful tool in marketing Xerox paper online. It provides a simple and intuitive means for business-to-business customers to find out more about Xerox paper products available, and to easily locate the product they need along with relevant resources for particular products.